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Professional Events Management in the UK, Europe and United States



All For Freedom Ltd can provide professional event management and other related services in the

UK, Europe and the United States.

 We welcome approaches from charities and non-profit organisations, especially those who are humanitarian based. 



International Conferences



Seminars and Exhibitions



We can arrange all your needs for large or small international conferences such as hiring a hall, arranging sound and lighting engineers and help with contracts and agreements with speakers or service providers. 

Music Performance Arrangements



We can arrange seminars by hiring venues, arranging technical support and help with engagements of speakers. For exhibitions, we can hire spaces and provide boards, posters, stages, technical support and other needs.


Broadcasting & Public Awareness



We can arrange venues for concert halls and arrange technical sound and vision support for music or cultural performances by orchestras, bands, singers and other musicians as required. 

Travel & Accommodation




We can arrange travel and transport services such as booking coaches, minibuses, train and plane tickets as well as accommodation arrangements such as hostels or hotels, from small groups to large to very large groups. 

We can arrange for the broadcasting of your events or human rights activities for public awareness by helping with reports, documentaries or other ways to broadcast and raise awareness for humanitarian causes. 

Services for Charities and

Non-Profit Organisations



We can arrange services such as medical equipment and supplies, food supplies, accommodation, and any other requests for charitable and humanitarian causes and needs. 

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